Thursday, December 31, 2009

write them down & tear them up

As another year comes to a close, the time for the obligatory reflection of the year that was comes, and a chance for us to spare a thought for the year to come. This reflection helps us keep things in perspective I guess. It makes us have a good, hard look at ourselves and figure out where we've come from and how much we've grown and developed in the year. And it leads to us making decisions about improvements in our character, appearance, attitude and all that stuff. I guess that's where the concept of New Year's resolutions arises.

Now, I think I will share with you some of my resolutions and hopefully I will keep them. And if it seems that I'm not, you have my permission to tell me off (but be nice about it please!) =]

Be it with friends, family or my boyfriend - I want the relationships I have with people to remain genuine and good. I want to keep up with everyone and be involved in their lives. Sure, people say that friends may come and go, but there are a few select individuals that I know I will be with for life - you all know who you are. So as 2010 rolls around, my aim is to continue to have positive, caring and encouraging relationships with these people, and maybe add more people to my circle of trust. We will all make an effort to catch up and enjoy each other's company even if we are all divided by our different paths and learning institutions.

Work provides me with income that I don't have to ask the parentals for money. However, with that comes the responsibility of handling that money. I tend to be a rather impulsive spender, and this year I hope to make more informed and useful purchases in the hope of actually having some money saved up.

Everyone knows that I'm not the most dedicated person to studies, nor am I the most organised - or do I even seem to care too much about my grades. This year, the goal is to pay more attention in lectures, tutorials and the like - and aim for a borderline credit/distinction average. It's not much more than my current average I guess, so maybe with a little bit more effort I can achieve this goal. So that's starting things a bit earlier, researching more instead of bullshitting everything and turning in something that is at least 75% of my best effort.

Over the past few years I have gained a lot of weight - I swear, it just crept up on me. My goal is to be Ashley Greene, who is about my height and is about 53kg. She is my idol. I will be like her, I will! It may just take some time, even a few years, but I will!

So, I've had my L's for God knows how long, and they expire June 30 this year. The aim is to be on my P's before this date. Wish me luck everyone =] Now to take the first step and call the instructor - whose number I have had by the way since like, August.

To date, I have never completed anything: be it an essay, story, fanfic, project - nothing at all. By the end of 2010, I want to have completed something that I've started, just for that sense of satisfaction, joy and pride. I guess that's why one of last year's resolutions was to start a blog - because it's something to maintain, or keep going. It's me trying to finish something: week by week, post by post.

And that's about it =] Hold me to these guys. Hope all you stick to all your resolutions as well. This is probably the point where we write them down, and tear them up in the hopes that we will keep the things we want to change in the year that's closing and continue to better ourselves in the year to come.

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