Friday, January 1, 2010

almost 500 characters of new year's wishes; my new year sms

For anyone who happens to not be in my phonebook through accident, fault or me merely not having your number, here's the message for you, exactly how it was sent - grammatical errors, missing punctuation, super cheesiness, long winded and uber nostalgic.

as 2009 comes to a close and i look back on the year that was, i can remember the times i laughed, cried, ate till i couldn't eat anymore, got sunburned, was overjoyed, got cool technology, got obsessed over one thing or another or anything else i might have done. all i can say is thankyou for being there fore those memorable times. and now, i hope you will be part of my 2010. have a very happy new year, filled with even more good times =]

As you can tell, it makes very little sense now, but it made loads of sense when I was typing it out on my KU990. Afterall, the qwerty text interface only allows me to see two lines of text so I can't really read how it threads together. So I apologise for it not making sense or looking too long. Blame the phone XD. Last year I think my New Year's SMS got up to 5 pages?

Well, a very happy new year to everyone out there! To those that know me, thanks for making 2009 memorable and the best it could possibly be. To those that have just somehow stumbled on this, and those that I will meet - maybe you could be part of my 2010?

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  1. It makes sense to me!
    And of course i'll be there to fill up your 2010 ;)