Tuesday, December 22, 2009

a very sgp christmas

Just a few close friends from high school - more like sisters really - and a lot of good food. There's nothing more that I'd really need to have a great time. It takes me back to those carefree lunchtimes back at school where we just ate, talked, tried to finish the homework due next period and simply enjoyed each other's company. We were all unique, with our own interests and goals - but those differences were the things that brought us together and kept us together this year when we all went our separate ways to gain the skills, knowledge and experience we needed to do whatever it was that we had our minds set on. And although our busy schedules only allowed us to meet rarely, its nice to know that when we are together, it feels just like it did back then.

This post by the way will showcase some of the first publicly shared photos taken by Felix, my Samsung WB500, all resized of course.

So, the Christmas party was held at Chel's house, most likely because she did most of the work and its the easiest for everyone to get to. I was told the night before to come early and help her set up - and to prepare the salsa for the nachoes. So, at about 0900hrs on the 22nd of December, I showed up on her doorstep bearing salsa ingredients, a two-tier cake stand and two bottles of wine. Believe me, it was a little difficult to get it all there via public transport, but I managed =]

She gave me the rundown of the menu, and my mouth was already watering in anticipation of lunch. We prepared the table for all the food that was to come and got to work on the chicken and salsa while snacking on the chocolate covered cherries. And I set up the cake stand - it was hard work trying to put the cherries, strawberries and cupcakes on the stand and not in my mouth. Kass then showed up at about 1000hrs bearing the cake, and we both made suggestions regarding the chicken: "dude, put butter on it", "no dude, more" - all the while Chel was saying that she'd blame us if it turned out bad. Good thing it didn't, eh Chel?

In time, the others began arriving with their contributions: El and her potato salad, Jackie and the Caesar salad with homemade croûtons, Mariel and her pretty chocolate cupcakes. All who were left were Zari and Megz, bearing wine and buffalo wings. Lunch was set to be served at 1130, but of course that wasn't going to happen. You see, we have running history of never going anywhere on time. This was never pinned on just the one person, for we have all been guilty of being late. However, being late when the others are seated infront of food which smells delicious was not the best thing to do. It was almost torture to sit there and not consume anything but the appetizers while we waited - after all, it was the polite thing to do, to wait for the rest of the guests.

Mariel's very prettily iced chocolate cupcakes


Sausage Rolls
Meat Pies
Starburst Snakepit Snakes
Starburst Gummi Fruits
Starburst Party Mix

Buttered & Herbed Roast Chicken served on top of Roast Potatoes
Home-made Garlic Bread
Caesar Salad
Potato Salad
Buffalo Wings

Chocolate Cupcakes with Icing
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries & Cherries
Banana Cupcakes with Passionfruit Icing
Golden White Chocolate Mudcake

After lunch, we sat around the television like one big happy family. I think a lunchtime special of Beyonce's music videos was on and we sat around, still nibbling on bits and pieces. After a good dose of Beyonce and her body, feelings of regret at how much we ate settled in, which was only quenched by even more food. Which was then followed by 17 Again and Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince, again accompanied by some slightly healthier snacks such as cherries (covered in chocolate) - and took what seemed like a million photos.

We left that night, completely stuffed, but still wanting more. As was said multiple times throughout the day when we went for seconds although complaining we were full, or when we did things completely stupid or pointless like try to recreate Beyonce and Shakira's dance moves: "this is why we don't have many friends" - because we act like total idiots and love food a bit too much.

Dedicated to SGP, to another year of laughs, tears & good times


  1. Anonymous2/1/10 01:05

    You made me tear up ;____; Hahaha.
    Happy New Year Dyan, I love you <3

  2. so, who would this be eh?

  3. I am very glad you didn't put my thing about John Mayer in there like you said you would :P
    I don't even remember what it was I said....
    Yay for food, I didn't eat nearly as much as you guys xD I wish I had tried the cupcakes :( I was meant to take some home, damn memory or lack thereof!

  4. kass! you mean how you said andy murray was sexy, dom was cute, and john mayer was way too sexy to even consider or something like that?