Sunday, May 2, 2010

rawr is "i love you" in dinosaur

I was so totally bored out of my brain in my Rural Planning lecture, so I decided to purchase something... anything at all. So I spent my time happily browsing through my usual websites searching for something I absolutely loved - I was limiting myself to a single purchase as I was low on funds - but then I remembered this T-Rex Crewneck from 7th Venture that I've been coveting for a very long time (my cousins and their partners have them). This meant that it wasn't merely an impulse purchase - it was in fact a well informed purchase, so it made me feel better =D So I charged it to my PayPal late Tuesday night for $45 with free shipping - always a plus.

I was expecting it to arrive the week after, but it was a pleasant surprise to come home on Thursday night and find this package on the dining room table. Such a speedy response - I very much liked it. In addition to my purchase, I also received some more freebies - an Old-School Snapback Cap, 7th Venture stickers and these awesome stickers, with a super cute note =D I can't wait till their new stock rolls out, and I'm pretty sure its sometime soon because they've been taunting us via Twitter & their blog about their new stuff for the past couple of weeks.

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  1. Anonymous24/5/10 21:43

    You know there's something similar to your title on my tumblr...& it actually has a pic of a dinosaur! =P You should get a tumblr hehe it has lots of happy things =P