Monday, January 4, 2010

it's a canvas shoe thing…

It's nowhere near the extent of Emelda Marcos'shoe collection, or even my cousin Ryan's collection of Jordan's - but its is of a notable size, which I will be adding to in the future. I am of course talking about my canvas shoes (or canvas-like shoes). They've been acquired through a variety of means and for different purposes. This post was inspired by my most recent purchases. Please bear in mind that I do in fact own other shoes.

Black Chuck Taylor Hi-Tops
I picked these up for $80 at General Pants Co. in Blacktown. I was in the beginning of my wannabe punk phase, and every punk rocker needed a pair of black hi-tops. It's like a staple. But to be different, I chucked in some blue laces - I was really big on the whole black and blue thing then. They've been around for quite some time and are showing signs of all the love I gave them during their lifetime. The sides are cracked, the logo has faded considerably and the black edges are peeling off. But I do still love them. I wear them to work more often than I wear them out though - mainly because they're so uber comfortable, and I'm on my feet constantly at work.

Outer Reef Blue & Yellow X-Hi-Tops
Denim & Canvas
These were a bargain at $25 at SDS (I think) Blacktown's closing down sale. My mother pointed the pink and blue ones out and said: "aren't these nice and bright?". I can remember shuddering at the hot pink, but falling in love with the yellow ones next to them. Usually worn folded over so that the yellow can show - and now with my jeans tucked into them - they were the first really bright shoes I owned. Kind of a contrast to the dark colours that fill my wardrobe. And also, I haven't even encountered anyone with these shoes so far, so that's always a plus.

Blue Print Chuck Taylor Low-Tops
It's funny how these are even tattier than my black ones, and yet are a good two years younger than them. These were $45 at Paul's Warehouse. Despite how battered they look, I still wear them. There's this massive slit where the upper layer was slashed by a really sharp stick one time a school walk-a-thon - and since then its just gotten bigger.

Grey Studded X-Hi-Tops
Picked these up at Betts just two weeks after I got my Nike Greco's. Mother thought I simply had to get them, and well, I did. There was a choice between the grey with the red argyle or the green with purple argyle, but the red argyle won out. From memory I think they went down to $80 from $120. These are also showing some signs of wear and tear. The sides had press studs to help keep them folded down if you wish, but the inner right press studs are missing. Probably from walking when it bangs against the other shoe. And the top layer of the back heel has a hole in it, showing the second layer of denim. But other than those small things, it's perfectly fine.

Metallic Gold/Bronze Chuck Taylor Low-Tops
Kass and I split the shipping on our metallic Chucks from this website that I can't seem to find anymore. I was originally going for silver lo-tops, but they didn't have any more in my size (the biggest size was like a US Men's 10.5), but these would suffice. I love them, to bits! I think the week I got them, I didn't wear any other pair of shoes. Probably to make them look un-new. I don't like new looking shoes. They should look used, because that means that they're loved =]

"Golden Glow" (more like canary yellow/orange) Chuck Taylor Low-Tops
Converse Authentics or something in Market City were having a "buy one, get the second pair half price" sale going on. Even though I only got the gold/bronze pair a month ago, I could not pass that deal up. These were going for $59.99 without the deal, and I would've bought them anyway. I fell in love with the colour.

Printed Chuck Taylor Light Low-Tops
Silk & Canvas
These were the second pair I got at the Converse Authentics sale. They came down from $109 to $79. They also had a further 20% off them, so in the end I got the for about $32. That's freaking awesome! The print is silhouettes of rabbits and florals that look super cute.

So why canvas shoes styled like Chuck Taylor's you ask? I have no clue. Maybe its because they're simple, low fuss, cheap, comfortable and versatile? Oh and they look pretty =]

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