Saturday, January 2, 2010

bringing in the new year

So I know this post is kinda late, but by the time I got home and wrote up all those other posts, I was too tired to even shut down the laptop. I fell asleep with it on my lap until I woke up an hour later. So here's how I brought in the new year - with my family as per usual. It was kinda quiet: food, games and taking photos of random stuff.

But when midnight came around, everything changed. Myself and the cousins that were closer to my age were faced with a choice: to play with sparklers in the front yard, or to head to the lake to watch the fireworks. For some time, Gail, Daryll and I assumed that we were spending it in the yard because Giselle hadn't moved from indoors. However when she finally came outside, we made the last minute decision to head to the lake. We bolted there, hoping that we weren't going to miss them. We didn't miss them alright.

We arrived in the dark carpark (with me almost running into one of those barricade-y things), only to be met with the crackling of fireworks being lit and going off - just a couple of metres away. As it launched into the air, sparks freaking attacked us, so we had to retreat into the cover of the [sparse] forest [thicket of pine trees]. When we finally thought it was safe (and after thinking that we've stepped in doggie doo) we emerged from our haven, only to be attacked again! With all these things shooting at us, we thought we were in a warzone!

So after the explosions on our side of the lake ceased and the air was hazy from the smoke, we ventured out to photograph the other ones, further away from us. We headed back, and played with sparklers, and I had the bright idea of trying to write out 2010 in sparklers and taking a photo, but we were a bit shorthanded to ensure that they all remained lit for me to take one, so we settled for just '10. There were still several packs of sparklers left (my doing I'm afraid, I grabbed a handful off the shelf), which I palmed off to Gail to save for another date.

Hope all your New Year's celebrations went without a hitch and that you have recovered from the lack of sleep or hangover. Here's to 2010, a year in which more good things will happen.

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