Monday, December 7, 2009

into the wild… sort of

Thursday last week Cass, Nat, Wendy & myself headed over to Lake Parramatta Reserve for a picnic - coz that's just how we roll. Cass had been wanting to go on one for a while, although the weather wasn't the most co-operative previously - but at last, hallelujah! The clouds parted and allowed the sun to fire its deathly UV rays on us mere earthlings. I have gone crazy you may say if you know me in real life, after all I dislike the sun very much. But if it makes my friends happy, I will venture out into the heat and burn =]

We were to meet at Blacktown to gather supplies and then make our way to our location - which none of us had any clue as to what it looked like or what facilities it had. I had opted to come early to obtain some supplies for my recycling of my cream Mickey Mouse tote bag into something more useful (the pockets were torn and the zippers were broken), but news of that will come later. It was only when we were running for our train that I had realised one obvious thing - we could have picked up supplies at Parramatta. My, oh my we weren't thinking properly were we?

During our wait for the 606 to take us to the Reserve, we spotted these awesome Christmas decorated buses, wrapped in tinsel and all that fun stuff =] Pretty groovy, eh?

So we hopped off the bus to find this dry, sparsely shaded field (pictured below) and heard the sounds of the Cumberland highway, and were all for never allowing Cass to pick locations again when we found a sign leading us downwards, underneath the highway and into something much closer to what we had in mind.

Not what we had in mind, see the dry grass?

Going under the Highway

Much better now isn't it?

It's very pretty in a raw, Australian summer kind of way

After lunch, we had quite a lot of time to kill until the next bus came, so we decided to go for a walk. Cass already had a destination in mind: a cave she spotted down the river, far, far away. The walk was quite uneventful, and most of it was documented in The Haus of Wendy. Cass did drop her sunnies down a big pile of rocks and onto the river bank so she jumped and climbed her way down and up to retrieve them - the most eventful part of our trek, other than the discovery of women's intimate apparel lying haphazardly on the rocks and the trail of Cockatoo feathers.

The view from above as Cass tried to locate her Ray Bans

This place seems to get a fair amount of action doesn't it?

At the end of the walk, we were tired. Me especially. That trek probably filled my quota for physical activity for the whole week!

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