Monday, November 30, 2009

my christmas list

Listening to My Christmas List by Simple Plan, I was finally motivated to compile a list of the things I want for Christmas, and finally put the people who have been asking me about what I want to rest. Aside from my usual Christmas wishes of a great year in the year to come, to continue to be blessed with the splendid people that fill my life, my wishlist begins below.

I'm a fan of big bags, clutch purses, headbands and jewelry. Lace? No problems here. Feathers? As long as it isn't too over the top. Bows? The bigger the better. Aged metallic finishes? Awesome. Animal prints? Hell no.

The Jolly Post Clutch
It's a clutch that is designed like a well travelled envelope. What's not to love? Apparantly nothing because its out of stock now. Boo =[

I love the written word and I find myself spending quite a lot of my wages on books. I think I currently have 10 books on order at Angus & Robertson and I am eagerly awaiting them to come in.

I read across a variety of genres - from the classics to modern literature, children's books to revisit the tales that taught me to appreciate the written word, fantasy, romance and speculative fiction. I do NOT merely read through vampire novels, despite having quite a few in my possession. I have told myself that I will not place any more books on order (or buy any) until the holiday season is over - for now, I will just keep my shelf on Shelfari up to date with all the titles I want and receive.

Kristin Cashore
Spotted this in Angus & Robertson a few days ago. I do like the cover (I am guilty of judging books by their covers), and the blurb on the back seemed intriguing.

There's a certain sense of contentment when you pop in a few discs and and just vege out. You know, an all night marathon of some really sappy and cheesy chick flicks or that series that you just cannot get enough of. Sure you can stream or download them, but there's a certain satisfaction to actually having the discs don't you think?

Kyle XY Seasons 1 & 2
Kass (Kassy_) and myself found the Season 3 DVDs in Penrith and we just had to buy them, however it turns out that our Season 3 was really just Episodes 14+ of Season 2. Me thinks it was because they wanted to keep the DVD cases in that normal size. The real third season apparently is not available in Australia at the moment, so we will just have to wait.

Greek Seasons 1 &2
Just started getting into this series and I say, it is quite interesting. I must point out though - does Rusty look a teensy bit like Jackson Rathbone in the OC?

I love my Wii, I really do.

Guitar Hero 5
Yeah, sure the Wii versions of the Guitar Hero titles seem to have fewer songs than their XBox and PlayStation counterparts, but I only have a Wii (I've been a Nintendo fangirl since the age of three).

I like pretty things, and during this extra long holiday I have, I plan to renovate my room - and what could be better than getting some art to spruce things up?

One of my favourite bands, Fightstar had this awesome album art in the their first two albums by a guy named Daniel Conway. You can find some of his work on his DeviantART and his website. Aren't they pretty? And they fit in with the orange, chocolate, cream and blue palette I have in mind.

Scarlet Wind
16x16" Fine Art Print in an Espresso Art Block Frame
A crop of this was used Fightstar's Grand Unification Album booklet - from memory I think it was for Hazy Eyes.

Her Silent Silohuette
12x18" Fine Art Print in an Espresso Art Block Frame
Used as the Grand Unification Album cover, and the topic of an Extension English essay in Year 12.

I have a slight weakness for shoes, and not the stereotypical female sense (in other words heels). What I do have a weakness for is sneakers of all various shapes, brands and colours.

I think that Converse Chuck Taylors are a staple in my wardrobe, and the three pairs in my possession are seeing the end of their days (although the various other brands of hi-top sneakers I have are doing just fine =]). I'm a US Women's 9 (US Men's 7), and I don't really mind what colour they are, so long as they aren't pink. In particular, I'd like the Light Low Tops in white leather or silver Low Tops.

Well really this stuff is just me dreaming, or setting myself a goal to save up for. But who said dreaming is a bad thing?

Canon IXUS 95 IS in Orange
Compact Digital Camera
So I wanted a compact digital SLR camera, but figured that it was a bit too pricy for me to think about right now (I must take baby steps afterall. I am new to this saving thing). From what I could gather, this is a mid-range camera, which is fine by me. The main thing is, it was orange and saves directly onto the expandable memory.

Zune HD 32GB in Platinum
Personal Media Player
I am a Microsoft fangirl when it comes to OS Systems and devices, however I was greatly tempted by the 32GB iPod Touch, however as people have pointed out to me (sarcastically, I hope), if I were to get one, I would look at it everyday and hate myself. That is possibly a bit drastic, however I do get their point. It would feel like treason. Who cares if all the music discovery and sharing features become moot here in Australia? All that would matter to me was that my music was coming from a Microsoft device and not an Apple one*.

*I am sorry if I have offended any Apple fans that may have stumbled onto this. My opinion is my own and I do not expect anyone to share it.

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