Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ventures into the sunlight

So these blissfully sweltering hot days haven't come to an end yet, and bearing public tranport in this heat was not exactly on the top of my list. However, it was all for a good cause - to visit our darling El after her surgery. We came, bearing about $40 in junk food and chocolates - with more on the way when Megz and Jackie finally arrived.

The forcast for the Western Suburbs was set to be 38 degrees or something like that - a day that I immediately did not like. But, with the air conditioning out of order at home, anywhere would have been better. Naturally though, the day didn't start off too well. I woke up, realising I was fully burnt from the outing with uni friends the day prior and spent quite a lot of time trying to reconcile myself with the fact that my skin tone was even more uneven than usual. I then missed the bus, which resulted me in having to trek it to the station. That I wouldn't have minded too much if it wasn't 9am and already over 25 degrees!

Well, I made it to the shopping centre in one piece, and before Chel, Mariel and Zari did. We loaded up on junk food and headed off to Elisah's. The trip was uneventful and fairly cool. I am sad to say that we may have been a touch too loud on the train, but in our defence it was fairly empty anyway.

At El's we caught up on each other's lives - for it was possibly the first time in a while since all of us were together - and then we hit the pool. As promised, I will not post any photos taken. And that was how we wasted countless hours, talking by the pool and stuffing our faces =]. Nothing of too much significance occurred during that time - unless you count Mariel's phone falling into the water, with Megz and Jackie standing by doing nothing but watch it slowly sink to the bottom.

Having filled our Vitamin D quota for the day (or the entire week in my case), we retreated inside into the airconditioning, where we ate some more and wasted a few more hours playing with El's dog Bella. She is the cutest little thing! So energetic and ever so adorable! Megz and Zari tried to teach her to lay down, roll over and shake hands - so some extent of success. I am very proud of them for their patience and skill.

When the time came for us to leave, we said our goodbyes saying that we shall see each other next week for the Christmas party. El's brother kindly dropped us off at Chel's house from where we were to make our own way home. While waiting for various rides home, buses and such, Mariel tried to come up with an excuse for why her phone was now out of order, and why she couldn't catch the train home. I can remember looking up from my Zune to see her punching her leg. WTF I can imagine you all thinking.

Her story kinda goes like this (I think): she was holding her phone and then she fell, hard on it and it dropped or something (hence the leg punching). I don't know if that even is the right story, you'd probably have to ask her yourself. But from this, Chel decided to come in and experiment with costume make up. I don't know whether or not it worked, but it was ever so amusing to watch her try.

Mariel's bruise from falling on her phone or something

When I finally arrived home, I discovered that I was red. Like, tomato red. Beet red. I was freaking burnt. And not just my arms and face and stuff, oh no - but my freaking scalp as well! It killed to comb my hair =[

So yes, that concludes this long winded post, bitching about the sun and the heat. But the day was a good day. I got to spend time with some of my closest friends, and do wast we do best. Eat and goof off while still having the time of our lives.

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  1. Well I'm glad you had fun while I was the only one left out being stuck at work T_T